When you are not at Shenandoah River Outfitters!
Great food – from fast food to fine dining to BBQ!

Great Food due to Covid-many also have take outfrom country to fast to gourmet!Enjoy!
Alexanders/Best Western410 W Main St Luray(540) 743-6511
Anthony’s Pizza-take out1432 US Hwy. 211 W, Luray(540) 743-9300
Big Meadows LodgeMile 51, Skyline Drive-closed for winter(540) 999-2221
BBQ-Triple Crown--take outHwy 211 West Luray-(540)743-5311
Brookside Restaurant–take out2978 Hwy 211 E., Luray(540) 743-5698
Broad Porch Coffee20 West Main ST Luray(540)324-8215
Burger King1034 US Hwy W. 211(540) 843-2520
Camino Real1599 HWY S 340 Luray(540) 743-5300
Dipping Dots Ice Cream40 E Main St Luray(540) 743-4777
Dan’s Steak House–take out8512 US Hwy 211 W., Luray(540) 743-6285
Domino’s–take out9 Campbell St, Luray(540 ) 743-4586
Dominico’s–take out19 E Luray Shopping Center(540) 743-2566
Dunkin’Donutsby Walmart(540) 743-
Ruby’s Roadside Diner–at Cooter’sUS Hwy 3211 West(540) 778-2006
East WokE. Shopping Center Luray(540) 743-4313
Fairview Grocery–take out101 S Antioch RD Luray(540) 742-5602
Flotzie’s Soft Serve Ice Cream-take outby WalMart, 211 West-close for winter(540) 742-2531
Gathering Grounds-take out24 E. Main St Luray(540) 743-1121
Il Vescuvio Italian-take out402 W Main St Luray(540) 743-2200
Hardee’s607 E. Main, Luray(540) 743-1500
Hawksbill DinerUS Hwy 340 Bus South Stanley(540) 778-2006
Hawksbill Brewery–take out
Wed to Sunday
22 Zerkel ST Luray(540) 860-5608
Happy MiniMart–take out822 E Main St Luray(540) 669-5134
Jess’s Bar & Grill915 East Main St Luray(540)669-5236
Luray CavernsLuray Caverns, 970 US Hwy 211 W(540) 743-4449
Main St Bakery-take out127 E. Main, Luray(540) 743-6909
McDonald’s211 Hwy West by Walmart, Luray(540) 743-6677
Mimslyn Inn401 W Main St Luray(540) 743-5105
Mrs. B’s pizza-take out606 E Main St Luray(540) 743-7161
Baby Moons-CLOSED113 E. Main Luray(7 to 2)(540)669-6249
 Ollie Cat CafeW. Main St, Luray(540)669-5981
Rainbow Hill2547 Hwy. 211 W, Luray(540) 743-6009
Ranchero Viejo-take out709 E Main St,Luray(540) 743-3775
Speakeasy- Mimslyn-call401 W Main St Luray(540) 743-5105
Skyland ResortMile 41, Skyline Drive-closed for winter(540) 999-2211
Subway Subs-take out1041 211US-Hwy West Luray(540) 843-4039
Taco BellFood Lion-211 West(540) 743-2123
The Valley Cork-take out55 E. Main, Luray(540)669-5908
West Main Deli Market-take out123 W. Main Luray(540) 743-1125
Willow Grove Farm Market-take out571 US Hwy 340 Bsn South, Luray(540) 742-3081
Public House Produce357 Liberty Bell Ln Luray(540) 743-1250
Massanutten Country Corner-take outUS-211 West Luray(540) 843-0744
 Enjoy your Meals! 

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