Canoe & Kayak Sales

We offer used canoes and used kayaks for sale.

Rack of rental kayaks
Rack of rental kayaks

Check with is the Fall after Labor Day to see what are for sale and in the Spring after April 1.

800-6CANOE2 or 540-743-4159

We have used Old Town Canoes–the Discovery 15’8″ & 16’9″and the Mad River Journey.
The prices vary depending on use/condition from $350-needing repair; $450-repaired, and up to ones in good and great condition…

Our kayaks are Old Town Escapades, Herons , Vapors and Twisters; Jackson Regals and Riveras.  Also Preceptions-Charter. Prices might start at $200,up to $450 depending on condition, style.

We do sometimes have a raft for sale so just ask!

Just check out our T’s shirts online too!

Rack of kayaks
Rack of kayaks
Jackson Regal kayak
Jackson Regal kayak
Old Town Vapor kayak
Old Town Vapor kayak

trailer of canoes

canoes for sale
Canoes for Sale
Otter kayak


We do stop sales for awhile if our fleet is booked in the Summer so best to call ahead. Try to avoid Sat’s as they might all be on the River in the Summer!

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