Shenandoah River Outfitters Inc Luray VA

FAQ's about your trips

Common Questions that we are asked. Know that we are ready to answer any of your questions by email or phone.

Where do we arrive for our trip? You must check in at the Outfitters store at 6502 South Page Valley Rd, Luray VA 22835 for all trips.

What times can I show up to go on the River? We have set arrival times for tubing— 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30—after that it is too late to tube. For canoes, kayaks and rafts—in the Summer we start at 8:00 AM. For the longer trips you can arrive as late as 11:00 AM, for the shorter day trips you can arrive as late as 12:30 to 1 PM. The Sampler canoe/kayak trips have arrival times at 11:30, 12:30, 1:30 and depart 30 minutes later. The mid-week 11:00 Special has the 11:00 arrival time. Please allow extra travel time as you might encounter traffic, etc. If you miss your arrival time, we may not be able to put you on the river. We do not put any one on the river after 2 PM.

How late can we stay out? Our last pick up time off the River is 5 PM. Extra charges may apply if you are later than 5:30 PM. Watch the river numbers and your time!

Weather Conditions? All trips go “Rain or Shine”. Summer storms typically start after 3PM so best to arrive earlier to avoid pop-up thunderstorms.

Minimum Ages? All river activities are 5 and above with the only exception being rafting which is 3 and above.

River trips: We can cancel trips due to the river being too high or too cold.
Once you begin your trip, you are responsible for your own well being and the safe return of your rented gear. Our trips go through areas that can not be reached by roads. You need to complete your trip to your take out spot.

Weight Limits & Physical Requirements? Weight limits of single kayaks-250 shorter kayaks, 325 for longer. Canoes can be up to 900 lbs. You must be able to swim and be able to get in and out of rental equipment without assistance and able to self rescue if necessary.

Are the trips guided? No and there are no lifeguards along the river. You have to be able to take care of yourself on the river.
Most of our trips are fun and relaxing, especially our beginner trips. But be prepared for some challenges, even getting in and out of your boat. If you are unprepared for spills or incapable of moderate activity, you should not participate. You might need to carry your boat short distances.
When choosing a trip, consider everyone in your party for ability and experience, not just yours, as they might not be in your watercraft.

Do I need to be able to swim? Due to the inherent risk of all water sports, we suggest that non-swimmers stay home.

How deep is the river? The river has a very rocky uneven bottom with ledges and deep holes. All sections of the river have areas over your head so from ankle deep to 25 feet.

Do I need shoes? Yes, you need to protect your feet from sharp rocks and any broken glass. Flip flops fall off so are not good for the river.

Do I need to transport my own equipment? We transport you to and from the river with your watercraft. You are responsible for bringing the life jackets and paddles with you to the river-either in our vehicle or yours if using. Also bring back your trash off the river.

How many are allowed in each watercraft? Canoes—2 adults and 1 child under 8 years old.
Kayaks—single; Tandem kayaks—one adult and one child: Tubes—1 person; Rafts—min of 3 and max of 6 counting children.

How rough are the rapids? Our beginner trips have Class I’s—which are ripples & small waves with few obstructions. Our intermediate trips are Class I-II with 1 1/2 ft ledge drops and Compton’s rapid with 1 ft to 2 ft waves, maneuvering is required to avoid rocks and be in the clear channels. Compton’s rapid is a Class III at higher water with irregular waves and powerful currents. We do not do that trip when the river is higher than 4 to 5 ft.

What do I do if there is a storm & lighting? US National Forest Service recommends that you stay low as lightening hits the tallest objects. Avoid open fields & seek a low spot & crouch with your feet together and head low. stay away from conductors—wire fences, power lines and taller object. Don’t hold metal objects like fishing poles or paddles. Seek shelter if possible. If on the water and can’t get off, stay low in the boat. When on shore, get 300 ft from river bank.

Do you accept walk-ins? Yes, we welcome walk-ins but they need to check on arrival times for our different activities and not come in too late to go out. On summer Saturdays and holiday weekends, we often run out of all river rentals.

What is your cancellation policies? For a full refund on river rentals, you need to cancel at least 48 hr in advance. If your reservation is for meals, it is one week in advance.

Can I drink alcohol on the river? It is against the law in Virginia to drink in public and to operate any river crafts—canoe, kayak, tube or raft—when drinking. It is illegal under 21 years of age. Using drugs or drinking alcohol make river activities dangerous.

Are dogs allowed on the River? We do allow dogs in canoes and kayaks but not tubes or rafts as they could puncture those.

What size of cooler can I bring? In a canoe or raft about any size will work. In a tube, best to keep it to a medium or small—you can share a cooler tube with your friends with 2 or 3 small coolers on it. For kayaking, the shorter kayaks do not have room for a cooler and the longer ones would take a small cooler.

Shuttles?—we offer them where you park your car at the take out and we take you to the beginning or we transport you in both directions or you put yourself in and we pick you up, etc etc.

How late can we stay on the River?  5 PM is the last pick up time. After that you walk back and hope we are still there to get your car keys.

What do I do with my car keys and is it OK to take them on the river?  We can keep your car keys safe and dry and not lost in the river. Losing keys in the river can be a nightmare–expensive (if available) locksmiths  or having someone drive out to you another key.

What about my cell phone? If you take your cell phone, we highly recommend a dry bag/phone case (which we sell).

Let us know any other questions you might have.