No Go (app. 5.6 ft and above) too dangerous for any river activities
High (3.5 to 5.6 ft) Cruise with caution
Normal (2.5 to 3.5 ft) Ideal river levels
Low (2.4 ft and below) Clear and slow but still can go

Compton's rapid at high water by drone

Depiction of Various Water Levels

#1 Low Water Bridge-normal water level

#1 #1 Low water bridge at 5.5 ft
Low water Bridge under water at 8 ft
Compton’s at higher water
Compton’s Rapid at lower water
Compton’s rapid and cliff area by drone
For current water levels: Here is the link to the River Gage near Luray for the current conditions.
Due to bridge construction, the Luray gage is not accurate. Check Lynwood upstream, that water will be at Luray in 18-24 hr.

CLEAR-see the bottom

Murky–not see the bottom

Muddy River

Check out the crazy water levels we had in 2018!