Sample River trip info

 Your Canoeing and Kayaking Day at SRO
Your reservations are made, deposit is given, the car is packed and you are ready to go to the River! Remember the directions and drive safely!

When you arrive at the Outfitters’ Store, stop in the “10 minute parking area” to unload your passengers and gear. Park in the parking lot 200 yards behind the Outfitters and just past Camp OutBack’s shower house. Then come in to complete your sign-up. We’ll confirm your reservation, go over your trip plans, set up your departure place  and your pickup time/place on the River. We keep your car keys for deposit and so you don’t loose them in the River!

You will hand in/sign the liability statement. You can print it out and sign ahead of time. Each in your group need to sign one also. If you signed up online, the card holder would have electronically signed the liability statement.

Then you will view the safety video, (you can view it ahead of time here,

Virginia has ‘no drinking in public’ laws. We want everyone to be safe on and off the River. Alcohol and drugs can affect your judgment and your abilities can be diminished. Virginia is taking a strong stand against drinking in public and while on the water.  Open containers in public and in National forest boat landings can result in tickets/fines. Please use wisdom so you can enjoy the river and return for years to come. We reserve the right to check coolers. Please no glass on the river.

Choose your paddle and life jacket, get your gear/cooler and load into the designated vehicle. Your driver will go over the river map with you and take you to the river put-in. (There are a couple of trips were you will drive your car to the take-out where we will then pick you up and take you to the put-in.)

As you canoe, kayak or raft down river, you will be passing by George Washington National Forest and private land. Please respect the landowners and only stop on Public lands which are on the left bank. These are marked on your river map. You will also see River Numbers on the left hand side about every mile. This helps you space your day so that you arrive at your ‘pickup’ point at the time designated.

When you reach the takeout, bring your gear and canoe, kayak, tube or raft to the top of the landing. Please don’t block the river or the road with gear, etc. Load your gear in the vehicle and just relax as we drive you back to the Outfitters. Once there, do help in unloading the paddles and life jackets. Don’t forget all of your gear as you go to your car. There are hot showers in the Shower House by the parking lot for a quick rinse.

Please drive safely home and return soon to the Outfitters and River!