To Join a Group Reservation

Your Group Leader will give you a Trip ID and Trip number. You use those on your ‘join form’. The trip name MUST be exact.
Then click “Find your Group Reservation”, the form will show each of your group trip’s activities with a ‘green plus’ .
Click the ‘green plus’ to add one of that activity to the shopping cart. If paying for more than one, keep clicking the ‘green plus’   until you reach the number you plan to pay for,
then complete form and submit.

Here is your QuickJoin form to ‘join a group’ reservation.

If you do not see the river activity when you click “Find your Group”, it might be filled. You can call in and we can help you or you can make your own reservation using the QuickTrip form

If you want to do more than the Trip Leader has signed the group up to do, you can do a Quick Trip for your ‘extras’.

Cancellation is 48 hours in advance for refund and  will need to be called in to the Outfitters. We go rain or shine.