FAQ for Group Leader Online

Get your group of 20 + set up to pay for themselves

Kayak group at SRO

Group Leader information for Online signups:
If you have 20 or more in your group, you can qualify as a group leader and can make partial payments for the requested items with your members paying their share. This must be done at least 3 weeks before trip.

  • You will need to pay for at least one unit of each item, ie 1 canoe; one camper; one dinner, etc. to be able to have this Group Reservation work!
  • You create a new Reservation Trip and you pick a Trip Name and you are given a Trip ID number
  • You make a reservation for the number of people for each item for your group, adding each item as needed
  • Continue to the calendar to check availability–if red, item is booked. Need to change date or item.
  • Check the Shopping cart to make sure the dates/numbers are correct for your group.
  • In the Shopping cart–Change number of people to  “Pay Now” to pay for your share.(at least one of each item) and then Update “Pay Now”. This reserves the ones you paid for and puts on hold the ones you want your group members to pay for.
  • You will need to agree to the Liability Statement and then ‘Pay Now’.
  • You are reserved for your share and the others are on hold for your group.
  • You give your group members the exact Trip Name and ID number; they sign in and pay for their part at Quick Join
  • Two weeks before your trip, you are sent a reminder email about any items not paid. Meals do need to paid by then.
  • One week before your trip, any unpaid items are released and you are sent an email letting you know. To reserve more after this date, you and your friends will just fill out a Quick Trip reservation, not the QuickJoin.
  • Once registered, you can check on your trips, your reservations and the payments made to the reservations by loging into your account.

Refunds–you or your group members will need to call the Outfitters, have the email from the reservation payment and the authorization number and we can arrange the refund. (Refunds in the last week for meals & 48 hr for river trips are not given)
You and your friends can view the safety video ahead of time

Each person that paid online for themselves have agreed to the Liability waiver. If they paid for others, those persons can print and sign the liability wavier and bring it with them or sign one the day of the trip.
Day of trip–just come in to Outfitters, liabilities waivers for your group that did not sign up online and we will sign you up for your Day on the Shenandoah River. At the desk, we will issue you any group leader refunds/t-shirts, etc.
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Answers to other questions

Child = 8 years and younger
Child = free camping (with min $40/site)
Child –Lunch $5; Dinner $10
Tubing–no children under 5or 6–depending on water conditions

Pets–Dogs can go in canoes and kayaks; not on/in tubes or rafts

Lunch is only with canoe and kayak trips unless specially arranged
Lunch and Steak Dinners are most Sat’s between Memorial & Labor Day.
Call to arrange other dates with a min of 20 for meals. Information on Meals

Camping–each site can hold up to 10 people. There is a min of $40/site for 1 to 4 person, additionals are $10/night each. Camp OutBack